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:la: Found some good shoujou-ai art that the club hasn't found yet? Suggest it to the club through favorites!

Group Info

The club for lovers of Yuri from the series Axis Powers Hetalia. :earth:

:bulletblue::bulletgreen:Member Rules:bulletgreen::bulletblue:
-Have our Journal on your alerts.
-Vote (Your opinions to our questions will shape how this club works!)
-Questions are allowed! Don't allow yourself to be confused/worried!
-Do not flood our inboxes. Please submit 1 or 2 at a time.

:bulletorange::bulletpink:Basic Art Rules::bulletpink::bulletorange:
-Tracing/Vector/plagiarism/theft/recolours is NOT tolerated. This is a fan ART club! We want to see YOUR work!
-No WIPs
-Collabs are fine as long as they stick to DA rules
-Het or yaoi cannot be the main focus
-Genderbending and OCs are welcomed (OCs MUST be countries!)
-It doesn't have to be romance/romantic!
-Traditional work needs to be scanned or taken with a decent camera. Terribly pixilated works are in a state of WIP!
-Categorize correctly

Have Fun! :love: For Further Rule Details: hetalia-yuri-club.deviantart.c…


= Deutsch =
Der Club für Liebhaber von Yuri aus der Serie Axis Powers Hetalia :earth:

- Bleibe mit unseren Journals auf dem Laufenden.
- Stimme mit ab! (Deine Meinung gestaltet den Club mit!)
- Frage ruhig nach. (Wir wollen niemanden im Unklaren lassen.)
- Auch wenn wir ein echter Yuri-Club sind, ist explizites Yuri von den dA-Regeln her nicht erlaubt. Bitte nur Shoujo-Ai.

:bulletpurple::bulletblue:Grundsätzliche Beitragsregeln:bulletblue::bulletpurple:
- Arbeiten zu stehlen ist illegal. Wir interessieren uns nur für deine Arbeiten...!
- Zusammenarbeiten sind erlaubt, solange ihr euch an die Regeln haltet.
- Hetero- und Yaoi-Pairings sind nicht erlaubt.
- OCs und Genderbent-Charaktere sind willkommen.
- Es muss nicht unbedingt romantisch sein...!
- Bitte übermittelt eure Arbeiten in die richtige Kategorie.

Viel Spaß! :love:
(Corrections provided by o0oWASSERLEICHEo0o, thank you! :))

= Française =

Le club de fans de Yuri pour Axis Powers Hetalia. :earth:

:bulletblue::bulletgreen:Règles Membre:bulletgreen::bulletblue:
- Restez à jour sur le groupe Journal
- Vote (Votre avis changera le club)
- Questions accueilli. Ne pas se tromper.
- Alors que nous sommes appelés le club yuri, il serait contraire aux règles de DA à post yuri réel. Donc, shôjo-ai seulement s'il vous plaît.

:bulletpurple::bulletblue:Règles de Base Oeuvre:bulletblue::bulletpurple:
- Stolen travail est illégal. Pas d'exceptions. Seul votre travail, s'il vous plaît.
- Seul le travail terminé, s'il vous plaît. Rien dans le progrès.
- Des collaborations sont fines. Gardez-le dans les règles de DeviantART.
- Les couples hétéros et yaoi ne peut pas être l'objet.
- Fan fait des caractères et des swaps entre les sexes sont d'accord
- Romance n'est pas nécessaire
- Classer correctement

Amusez-vous! :love:


= Spanish =

El club para los amantes de Yuri de serie Axis Powers Hetalia :earth:

:bulletpurple::bulletpink:Las Formas para los membros:bulletpink::bulletpurple:
Hay que...
-mirar los blogos
-eliger (¡tus opiniones a nuestras preguntas afectarán eso grupo!)
-¡Puedes pedir las preguntas! No debes que estar confundido/preocupado.
-Mientres estamos llamados "el club de yuri," yuri es contra las normas de dA. Entonces, solo "shoujo-ai," por favor.

:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Las Normas del Arte:bulletpurple::bulletpink:
- Vector/plagio/otros formas del robo del arte NO son tolerado. ¡Este club es un club del ARTE! ¡Queremos ver TU arte!
- No WIPs
- Las colaboraciónes pueden estar aquí si ellas no contra las normas de dA
- La heterosexualidad o la homosexualidad de los hombres no pueden ser el centro del arte.
- Cambiar géneros y personajes originales pueden estar aquí. :heart:
- ¡No necesito ser romántico!
- Se pone correctamente.

¡Tiene que divertirse! :love:


= Português =

Clube dedicado aos amantes de Yuri da série Axis Powers Hetalia :earth:

:bulletpink::bulletgreen:Regras para aderires::bulletgreen::bulletpink:
-Ter o nosso Journal sobre os teus alertas.
-Vota (As tuas opiniões podem melhorar o funcionamento deste clube!)
-Perguntas são permitidas! Não te deixes ficar confuso!
-Enquanto este clube tem o nome de Yuri, seria contra as regras do DA postar Yuri verdadeiro, por isso fica-te só por shoujo-ai, por favor!

:bulletblue::bulletorange:Regras básicas das tuas artes::bulletorange::bulletblue:
-Artes que não são tuas, não são permitidas . Este é um clube de ARTE! Queremos ver os TEUS trabalhos!
-Não são permitidos WIP’s
-Collabs são permitidos, desde que sigam as regras do DA
-Het ou Yaoi não podem ser o foco principal
-Géneros Trocados e Personagens Originais são bem-vindas!
-As tuas artes não precisam de ser românticas!
-Categoriza as tuas artes correctamente.

Divirtam-se! :love:
(Portuguese translation thanks to MartyDoggyLand:))


= Magyar =

Klub a Yuri szerető Axis Powers Hetalia rajongóknak :earth:

:bulletyellow::bulletpurple:Szabályok tagoknak:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:
-Figyeld a Journal-jainkat!
-Szavazz! (A te véleményed is formálja ennek a klubnak a működését!)
-Szabad kérdezni! Ne legyél bizonytalan vagy aggodalmas!
-Kérünk, egyszerre csak 1 vagy 2 dolgot küldj be!

:bulletorange::bulletgreen:Alapvető szabályok az alkotásokról::bulletgreen::bulletorange:
-A másolást/lopást/átszínezést NEM tűrjük. Ez egy fan ART klub! A TE műveidet szeretnénk látni!
-Befejezetlen munkát ne küldj be.
-Másokkal közös munkák engedélyezettek, amíg követik a DA szabályait.
-Het és yaoi nem lehetnek a fő téma.
-Nemek megváltoztatása és saját karakterek engedélyezettek (a saját karakterek CSAK országok lehetnek!)
-Nem muszáj szerelemnek/romantikának lennie!
-A tradicionális rajzokat be kell szkennelni vagy rendesen lefényképezni! A homályos képek félkésznek számítanak!
-Műveidet küld a megfelelő kategóriába!

Jó szórakozást! :love:

Hungary Liechtenstein Belarus Ukraine Belgium Taiwan Zimbabwe Wy Kenya Monaco Seychelles Vietnam Lesbian gay Himaruya Hidekaz love shoujou shojo shoujo ai shoujouai shojoai girl woman mtf anime manga doujin doujinshi fan fanart fanfiction fiction fic fanfic hetalian hetaria woman girl lesbian lesbians yuri hetalia yuri nyotalia genderbend
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 2, 2010


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APH Hetalia Yuri

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Have questions? Critiques? Advice?






Since this is affiliates and not pointless advertising please make sure if you wish your club to become one with ours that it is APH or Yuri focused, please. While we don't do "Quality Control" we have no issues with clubs who do. However, we will not tolerate clubs that bash/troll/flame fellow fans/clubs/characters. Repeat clubs will only be tolerated if they are well established.
Original Blog Entry:…


"> So Czech Republic is a girl? That means Mr. Slovakia is surrounded by three girls, right? ( *´艸`)

Yup, Czech Republic is female and Slovakia is male. Now that you mention it, Slovakia really is surrounded by girls; how nice!

These two countries are really rare, since they’re in bad terms with Liechtenstein, who’s generally friendly with everyone.

There’s still England’s brothers and other new characters I’ll be drawing before these two, so I think it will be a while until their first appearance.

Since I crammed all my work into December, I’ll have a little more time in January and I will be drawing Portugal and Luxembourg in my blog!"

So, what do you think?

I was personally hoping for a male Czech and a female Slovakia (or both female lol) but I can live with this. At least we are finally getting a new female character!

I really hope Himruya does draw them this time, because he's been teasing up with Czech and Slovakia for years.


Happy New Year! + Next Group EventFirst of all, a big THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated in the Secret Santa exchange! Only one person out of 16 didn't manage to submit their gift on time, so well done! I consider this exchange a success! :dance:
If you missed your gift, check out this entry:

The Secret Santa folder will be closed now and all the artwork will be moved to their respective folders.
:heart: As for our next group event:
Valentine's Day will be coming up next month and I thought we could hold a Hetalia Yuri Week on the days before it.
To those who don't know how such fandom weeks work: basically, there's a week dedicated to a certain theme/character/pairing in a fandom and there is a prompt or two for each day. You need to create something with that prompt for that day and submit it to the fandom community.  Anyone who wants to can take part in these events and usually, they aren't very strict with the dates and prompts. They're less tied than an exchange

Stil accepting prompts for the APH Yuri Week!
More Journal Entries



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